Small Hess roadster auto, flywheel friction powered, marked with large “JLH” on radiator. Mid to late 1920’s production.
Just like the previous Hess auto, but in an orange and red version. Large “JLH” marked on radiator, Mid to late 1920’s production. This piece also came to me with the tin truck, which is not original. Flywheel friction powered.
Hessmobil 1020 wind-up with steerable front wheels. The great majority of all Hessmobils had cranked flywheel power for propulsion. I have seen a few examples with wind-ups and this is one of them. For whatever reason, perhaps materials shortages, Hess chose to power a few with a clockwork mechanism. This example is an early production model denoted by the rounded trunk and spoked wheels, circa1920's. Another ususual feature of this auto is the color - orange. All other model 1020 autos were a maroon color or later production models with flat trunk were a bright red. Early models were given a race type driver, with later models given a chauffeur type driver.
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