Xmobil 567 - a rather unorthodox car that got it’s propulsion from a cap firing mechanism.
This piece was marketed and sold by Tippco. The cannon is undoubtedly designed and produced by Tippco. The tractor is an exact mechanical copy of the Hessmobil 1047 tractor. Hess ceased production in 1934 and I believe that Tippco picked up some of the Hess factory tooling, including this tractor. Tippco also marketed and sold another Hessmobil tractor, the 1039, renaming it the “Tippmobil Tractor”. Hess could have also sold this tractor to Tippco while still active, as they did to other toy manufacturers.
An early Hessmobil roadster, similar to my touring car. This example missing a steering wheel and with a replacement driver.
An early Hess small auto, flywheel powered, unmarked.

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