Exposed drivers seemed to be the norm in early automobiles and this was carried over into the toys as well. This small auto is unmarked and uses a flywheel for propulsion.
This is a larger truck marked with “501” and “International Auto Co.” A flywheel produces propulsion.
Marked “Flirt” on radiator, this small auto also bears the “H” shield logo plus the “JLH” logo. In addition, “Syst. Hess” is marked on the rear of this piece. It is flywheel powered. Missing driver and seat backs, this appears to be an earlier version of this small size auto.
Showing the “Syst. Hess” phrase on the back of the Flirt auto. I have also seen Hess Dynamobils marked with this, but have no idea what it means. It is early Johann Hess denoted by the “JLH” logo, and perhaps was an early attempt to change branding, later discontinued.

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