Hessmobil 1054. The Hessmobil 1050 series were the last produced by Hess. These were produced somewhere between the late 1920’s until Hess ceased business in 1934. Very few of the 1050 series appear to have been produced and are extremely hard to find.
A group of the 1050 series Hessmobils. In front is the 1052, back left is the 1054, back right is the 1053. All of the 1050 series are hard to find and were probably produced in very low quantities compared to earlier Hessmobils.
A pair of early Hessmobils, smaller than previously produced autos. As the competition for the toy trade increased, the demand for ways to produce more toys for less cost was always of concern. This is so evident as I watch Hess production techniques of manufacture change through the years.
A small Hess auto, red and blue version, with flywheel friction mechanism and marked with a large “JLH” on radiator. Mid to late 1920’s production. This piece came with the tin trunk, probably not original, but coming to me this way.

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