A pair of early Hess battleships. These were sold individually or in sets with two to six following vessels attached with preformed wire included with the set. The largest set I have seen is a two flotilla set consisting of two battleships, twelve following vessels and all the connecting wire and accessories. These battleships were named according to the destination country; “Columbia” to USA, “Dreadnought” to England, “Democratie” to France, “Deutschland” for Germany. I am sure there were others, especially a Spanish version. I have also seen “Made in Germany” printed where the battleship name was normally printed.
Hess early style clockwork battleship towing smaller boats behind.
The largest flywheel powered battleship made by Hess.
A newer style battleship, circa 1920s. These two examples were the largest modern style battleship produced by Hess. Both of these are clockwork powered, but the one on the right has an on / off switch as well. Battleship on right missing two deck guns. These larger battleships were sold separately and with two or more submarines following attached with formed wire connectors. Although I have not seen catalog evidence, I believe these were also sold with smaller battleships also attached with formed wire connectors.
Smaller size clockwork battleship towing two submarines behind.

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