Two different graphic styles of submarine that were sold in sets with the modern battleship. I have also seen individual submarines with clockwork and a submarine only flotilla.
Several examples of the following vessels that were sold in sets with early battleships. There were many variations of these following vessels including a stand alone flywheel powered boat pictured later.
Usually sold in sets as a battleship’s following vessel, this example is flywheel powered and was probably sold by itself.
Smaller size battleships, circa 1920s. These were sold separately with and without clockwork, sold as flotillas with two or more submarine followers, and I believe also sold as followers to the larger battleship or in combination with the larger battleship plus submarines.
Hess "Salon Steamer" riverboats - circa early 1900's. Two different sets of graphics on these two boats. Several variations made with one and two smokestacks, with and without ventilators, and of course, graphics. Both of these boats are flywheel powered and litho printed with the windows being die cut out of the one boat.
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