Three medium size Hess pre-litho cannons. Left to right; 1) all tinplate with gold varnished wheels and cannon, painted black carriage, 2) solid brass wheels and carriage, gold varnished cannon, 3) all tinplate construction with red varnished wheels, gold varnished cannon, painted black carriage. As with almost all Hess toys, much variety in construction. Of note is that each size cannon has a different style wheel.
A pair of large size Hess pre-litho cannons, solid brass wheels and carriage, varnished tinplate cannon barrel.
Three different size pre-litho Hess cannons.
Medium size Hess pre-litho cannon with original box.
A pair of Hess lithoed “Cannons with earthworks”. Once again, variety persists in the manufacture of these cannons as with all Hess products. On the left is a “42 cm” marked cannon with extended barrel and multicolored earthworks. On the right is a green grassy colored earthworks. These cannons with earthworks had 3 position, adjustable elevation and came with a flag denoting country. I do not have a box label for this cannon, but I have seen a label and it has a space for the country’s flag image to be rubber stamped onto the label. This allowed economy of box production as only one image was produced for whatever country it was shipped to, with flag insignia rubber stamped on before shipment.  
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