Early first generation "Interchangeable" Dynamobil, circa 1900

Base: L 10.5” (26.66 cm), W 4.625” (11.75 cm), H 3.25” (8.25 cm), Marked: “Dynamobil”, “Orig. Hess”, “D.R.G.M.”, “JLH” logo, “H Shield” logo. This “60” drop hammer accessory unmarked but many were marked “60”. Rotating mill marked “61”, Trip hammer marked “62”, “JLH” logo, “H shield” logo. The first and only “Interchangeable” Dynamobil toy I have ever seen. A base plate is mounted on the board along with the flywheel motor and is marked “60”, “61”, and “62” for placement of the accessory. Locking pins hold the accessory to the board. This is a very early model, possibly a prototype that did not make it to full mass production. I don’t know whether these were sold separately or as a kit which included the motor with board and separate accessories.

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