The red jacketed boy on sled is named “Kismet” and uses a flywheel friction mechanism for power. The gray jacketed boy on sled is not named but carries the JLH logo on his jacket cuff. Gray jacket missing mechanism, but I wonder if Hess also made a version without any wheels or propulsion.
A group of “Pusspet” mice and the box in which they were originally packaged. One side of the box advertises Hessmobils, Dynamobils, Hess-Autos and Hess Rollers.
These pre-litho Hess penny toys are all hand painted and all have the early Hess logo embossed into the bottom metal frame. Note the cast wheels rather than stamped tinplate.
Only identified by the Hess patent number stamped on the wheels (44408), I am sure that Hess made many of these type toys that are identified as by other manufacturers such as Meier.
The frog on the left has an advertising imprint on the top side. This frog is named “Poldy” and has “Marke Hess” stamped in the bottom side metal. The penny toy boat on the right is seen in the Bing catalog, but was undoubtedly made by Hess.

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