Humphrey Mobile by Wyandotte. I always liked the Joe Palooka comic strip and this was one of my favorite charcters from that strip.
Rabbit pushing cart with easter egg by Chein.
“Pioneer” train manufactured postwar Germany by Karl Bub. This train reminded me of the pre-war lithographed tin days. I knew I liked it when I first saw it. Did not know that it was a very scarce piece. I originally did not know the manufacturer and had to do a little digging to find out that it was Bub. My understanding is that Bub continued to make tinplate items instead of switching to plastic and found themselves in a non-competitive position which put them out of business.
An Issmayer passenger coach. Although I greatly admire Issmayer’s products, my focus on Hess took priority. This is the only piece of Issmayer in my collection.