“Self Moving Toy Locomotive” - I am always attracted to older toys with boxes and instructions. This one was the right price. I have no idea who the manufacturer might be.
A penny toy train with box. When I received this it only had passenger cars with no locomotive. The outside of the box has a loco named “Jupiter”. Made in Germany, I do not know manufacturer.
The tinest train in my collection. It is French made and the maker is identified in one of David Pressland’s books, but it escapes memory.
A French made locomotive and carriage, pre-litho. Embossed tin with spirit varnish and cast wheels.
A group of miscellaneous locomotives. Front left and right are a couple of pre-litho French made locos, back left is a Gunthermann loco made for the U.S. market. I don’t know the maker of the remaining pieces.

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