toplogo - Anything and everything you might want to know about Fleischmann Steam Toys at this fantastic website created by Thomas Venter. Although in German language, very easy to understand and navigate. - A plethora of English steam engines, accessories, and information. Lee Hale and his son, Sam, have done a great job in presenting their awesome collection. - The Antique Toy Collectors of America, Inc. official website. If you love antique toys and want to join others who love toys the way you do, this is the website to get you started!
Facebook: Antique Toy Collectors of America - The Train Collectors Association, Western Division. Mostly American Train manufacturers, but also includes information about European makers. - A great selection of mostly European steam toys and accessories. - The most organized and informative Lehmann tin toy website I have ever seen. Please visit and let Bill know what a fantastic effort he has made in preserving our tin toy history.