Hess boys on bicycles. This is a pre-litho clockwork toy with original labeled box. Circa 1870's. The only one I have ever seen, with no catalog evidence existing of which I am aware. A very rare and delicate piece. Pasted paper litho boys are both missing their head graphics. This piece came to me with a photo of the 9 year old boy owner, along with his death notice and the original Christie's sale tag from several years ago.
A Hess pre-litho tender, gondola and passenger car. Obviously missing loco, but probably similar to the "Vulkan" pre-litho locomotive on this website. Pasted paper litho on the gondola marked "Bagages" - the French spelling for baggage. Was this train meant for the French market? Circa early 1890's. These early pre-litho pieces were generally soldered together before painting. Later lithographed toys used bending tags as a method of fastening as I am sure the heat from soldering would have discolored the litho.  
An early Hess pasted paper litho set. Before chromolithography (lithographic printing on tinplate) was perfected, Hess printed images on thin paper and pasted them to their trains. Hess produced several size paper litho sets but this set is the largest I have seen as it measures a full 33 inches (84 cm.) long when put together. The tender probably had paper litho pasted onto its sides, but it is long gone from this piece. The locomotive is marked "London" on one side, "Berlin" on the opposite side, and "No.7541" on both sides. It is 6" long (15.25 cm.), 5" high (12.7 cm.) and 2.75 " wide (7 cm.). Passenger and baggage cars are 5" long (12.7 cm.), 3.75 " high (9.5 cm.) and 2.75" wide (7cm.). All pieces also have the Hess logo embossed into the frame.