With no catalog reference to go by, this loco is a bit of a mystery. With close examination of mechanics and graphics, there is no doubt in my mind that this is of Hess manufacture. I have several of these in my collection, but none came with rolling stock although there is a provision on the back of the loco for this. The 300 series rolling stock seems to fit well, but possibly there was no separate rolling stock manufactured for this piece. It appears to have been made for the American market only as the cowcatcher is an intregal part of the frame and not an add-on. Typical Hess flywheel power and marked “1023” on boiler and cab, with an additional “23” marked on the headlight housing.
Hess “Vulkan” clockwork locomotive and rolling stock of gondolas and one passenger coach. I have seen others attribute this to Issmayer, but wheel style, construction and overall graphics suggest only Hess to me.
Hess series 300 locomotive manufactured for Carette and marked “908” and colored green. Before Carette closed shop in 1917, they must have had a very good relationship as Hess also produced at least three other trains for Carette; the Hess 100 series, marked “905” , the Hess 575 series, marked “906”, the Hess 1035 series, marked “907” and this Hess 300 series, marked “908”.
A blue series 300 locomotive manufactured by Hess possibly for Bing or some other toy company.  I have also seen this loco in a clockwork version with spoked wheels outside the frame.
Passenger coaches for the Hess 300 series train. Both of these coaches are marked “300”.
A goods wagon and beer wagon from the Hess 300 series.
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