Hess 100 series locomotive with box. This is an early production model denoted by graphics on loco and outline numbers on passenger car. Slightly earlier models had pasted paper litho on tender, but this loco is all litho printed.
Hess 100 series locomotive with box. This is the largest set offered by Hess for this series which includes a locomotive and 14 cars.
A closer look at the Hess 100 series locomotive with 14 cars.
Two Hess 300 series locomotives in DSB Livery (Danske Statsbaner or Danish State Railways). This is the first and only example I have seen. The larger “Dan” locomotive numbered 630 has the exact mechanicals of the 300 series loco, just different graphics. The smaller “Odin” locomotive numbered 720 has the same basic design as the 300 series except on a slightly smaller scale. I am wondering if these were sold as a set with the smaller locomotive being a “switcher”. An interesting note is that the larger loco has a hook to attach cards, the smaller loco has a hole to attach cars. The smaller loco uses the same size wheels as the rolling stock. Curious as to whether Hess manufactured these and sold direct to consumers or if this was a contract type order for a Danish toy distributor. The only examples I have seen of either locomotive. As far as I know no catalog evidence exists for the smaller loco.
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