A group of Hess 100 series locomotives. Top, left to right: “MH” marked without tender, “MH” marked with paper litho on tender, marked “100” only with paper litho on tender. Second row, left to right: “J.L.H.” marked, all tin litho, “J.L.H.” marked without tender. Third row, two versions of Hess manufactured for Carette, marked “905”. Fourth row, left to right; green bodied loco marked with “JLH” logo and “100”, green bodied loco marked only with “100”. There is another green bodied version you will see later that has two steam domes. There were many variations of this long produced locomotive and a collector would be hard pressed to find them all.
A Hess 100 series boxed set. This set was manufactured in the middle of overall production based on the style of numerals marking the pieces.
A very early Hess 100 series boxed set. The white outlined numbers identify this set as early production as well as the locomotive only being marked with “100”. Notice the unusual goods wagon with two stars on either side.
A Hess “knock-off” probably by Spanish toymaker Rico. Although the litho is near identical to Hess, it is not numbered or marked anywhere and the overall construction is ot up to Hess quality. A Barcelona, Spain retail label is sported on the outside of this obvious Christmas boxed set.
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