The earliest 575 series loco that is in my collection. Gray bodied loco, paper litho pasted on tender and wheels that are fixed by lead rather than the three piece wheel set used on all later 575 locos. Unusual goods wagon with beehive printed on sides, lumber wagons (missing lumber) have metal retaining straps soldered onto frame. Later lumber cars simply had a nail through the bottom of the frame to hold lumber to car. Another unusual car is the number 50 tipping gondola. Later 575 series tipping gondolas were labeled “575”.
Gray bodied Hess 575 series locomotive marked with “Marke Sonne”. Hess made many toys for other manufacturers as well as individual retailers. I think that this is probably for a French retailer who contracted with Hess. Loco appears to have had paper litho pasted onto tender (missing now). All passenger cars are marked with “M” and “H” (Matthias Hess). Petroleum tanker is marked with “1040”.
Another gray bodied Hess 575 series locomotive with pasted paper litho on tender stating “Made in Germany”. Passenger cars and open gondola marked with “M” and “H”. Lumber wagon retaining strap soldered to frame. Noticeable is the difference in the wheel supports as they have additional cut-outs on this earlier model 575. Another item of interest with this set is the “Beer” goods wagon touting a Nuremberg made brew.

Yet another different combination on the Hess 575 series loco. Gray body boiler, red cab, pasted paper litho on tender, marked with “Marke Sonne”. The variety of manufacture appears almost endless. This set consists of two unusual tipping gondolas as well as the petroleum tanker, lumber car and open gondola.

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