Two of the first Dynamobil flywheel motors produced. The example on the right is the oldest, having oiling holes and a smaller base. The lefthand example is also very early, but the oil holes have been eliminated and the base has been enlarged. Both of these pieces combine lithography and painting to decorate them.
A cutaway of the Hess Dynamobil showing it's internal gears and flywheel.
Dynamobils were made in two sizes from the beginning. The small size on the left is early and has the same oil holes as the larger Dynamobil. This example is mounted on a tinplate base but was also available on a wooden base.
The smaller size Dynamobil’s color was changed to green and also had oiling holes removed.
This first generation Dynamobil’s body color has been changed to gray and oiling holes removed. The push-pull clutch has also been replaced with a lever type clutch actuator.  

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