An early Hessmobil touring car. This example is missing the “Hessmobil” badge directly below the radiator.
The very first Hess automobile, designed from the full size autos of the day in 1895. This first automobile by Hess is extremely heavy and rugged, using a friction flywheel mechanism for propulsion. The two figures are replacment composition pieces.
The Hessmobil racer followed the fad of the day as full size automobiles proved and promoted themselves on the racetrack. This piece is sometimes seen with a mechanic sitting next to the driver and also came with flags  to denote country origin. This design follows the Gordon Bennett Cup racing car style, a race held from 1900 to 1905. As the races were between national teams, it led to the reorganization and standardization of national racing colors. Britain had to choose a different color (shamrock green) to its usual national colors of red, white and blue, as these had already been taken by Italy, Germany, and France respectively. This Hessmobil racer was produced in red, blue, green and tan.
This Hessmobil is, or was just a short time ago, seen quite often offered for sale. As more and more antique toys go into collector’s hand, they are seldom seen offered anymore. This particular piece was probably one of the Hess factory’s staples at the time.

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