Hess Auto 1040 truck is a seldom seen piece and even less seen offered for sale. This piece is not in very good condition, but until a better one comes along… I have seen an advertisement for this truck with a canopy and upon inspection, it does have holes in the correct places for supporting a canopy. I have never seen an actual example of this toy with canopy. This truck had steerable wheels.
Hess Auto 1060 car has opening doors, steerable wheels and glass windows.
Another early Hessmobil, and smaller than previously produced autos. As the competition for the toy trade increased, the demand for ways to produce more toys for less cost was always of concern. This is so evident as I watch Hess production techniques of manufacture through the years.
Hess 1053 sedan. This rather uattractive toy was one of the last vehicles Hess would produce before going out of business in 1934.

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