Early Hess penny toy train with spirit varnished locomotive and tender, painted passenger cars. Passenger car was available in blue as well as brown and red.
First Hess litho on tinplate penny toy train. The loco and tender remain spirit varnished with some variations of tender having pasted paper litho. The direct predecessor of this train had paper litho pasted onto the tinplate cars and had an appearance of being printed on the tinplate itself. On the bottom right is a flywheel powered version of the locomotive. It has no provision for coupling to cars, but does have holes punched in the frame, front and back, to attach a pull cord.

A new style of carriage is pulled by an older style loco. This train is a transition piece between styles and carriages were soon accompanied by the new style Hess 100 locomotive. This example is a candy container filled with Maestrani chocolate, a Swiss company which remains in business today.

A Hess boxed set consisting of the old style loco with pasted paper litho on the tender and the new 100 style carriages. Note the difference from the box label to the contents.

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