Hess 300 series locomotive, tender and rolling stock along with two Hess 300 sub-series locomotives. 300 series loco: L 6.125” (15.5 cm), W 1.875” (4.8 cm), H 4.063” (10.32 cm). 300 sub-series with tender: L 7.75” (19.7cm), W 1.625” (4.13cm), H 3.875” (9.8cm). 300 sub-series without tender: L 5” (15.5cm), W 1.625” (4.13cm), H 3.5” (8.9cm). Rolling Stock: L 4.125” (10.5cm), W 2” (5cm), H 3” (7.6cm).
Rare locomotive to find in the large size, almost impossible to find in the smaller sizes. Only one other example of the large size locomotive with rolling stock ever observed, attributed to a distributer named Crome and Goldschmidt. No examples of the sub-series locomotives have been observed or catalog evidence known. These locomotives and rolling stock in DSB Livery (Danske Statsbaner or Danish State Railways). Large locomotive is named “Dan” and numbered “630” on cab. Tender is numbered 630 on both front and back. Passenger cars marked “D.S.B” and “360”, freight car marked “D.S.B.”, “2021” and “Danmark”. Smaller locomotives marked “Odin” and “720” on tender and cab.
Hess Central London Railway. The set consists of a locomotive and two passenger cars, one being a smoking car. Locomotive is numbered "21", one passenger car is numbered "23" and the third card is simply lableled "smoking". This set was probably made as a souvenir for the opening of the Central London Railway in 1900. This rail system was an underground railway sometimes referred to as the "Twopenny Tube" and was all electric. It has been speculated that this train could possible have also held candy as the loco bonnets do open and the clerestory portions of the passenger car roofs do slide open. This set is extremely rare as less than a half-dozen are known to exist among toy collectors.
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