More than likely made for the American market because of the cow catcher on this loco. This set has such great rolling stock that it seems to deserve a better locomotive than the old 575. Hess also sold these cars with their number 1035 locomotive as well as produced them for Carette with a similar locomotive to the 1035 being labeled “907” and cars being labeled “Pennsylvania Limited”. Another version is out there labeled “Grand Trunk”, and although made by Hess, I do not know who marketed this set.

The pictured set has no labeling or numbering on the cars except the number 10 baggage cars and 575 on the loco.
One of only two Hess toys that I have purchased along with the history from the original owner. Originally purchased by a traveling concert musician for his son, this train was handed down in the family and sat on improvised tracks on a fireplace mantle. I obtained the complete ownership history and inserted the information into one of the passenger cars for some future owner’s amusement. It was originally bought from a retailer in the United States. The pictured set has the passenger cars marked with “1035” along with the 575 marked loco.
A later produced 575 series set consisting of loco, blue and red passenger cars, unusual 575 tipping gondola and goods wagon.

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