A group of 575 gray boiler locomotives - all early manufacture. After a period of time it appears that Hess decided that red was a better color (until they changed it much later to green).
A small boxed, later manufactured set consisting of green bodied locomotive, blue passenger car and open gondola.
A small 575, green bodied locomotive with a second varying 575 loco. Notice the top loco with two steam domes, JLH logo and no numeric identification while the bottom loco has one steam dome, 575 numbered and no logo. The bottom loco’s boiler bottom has been cut out to accept clockwork, top loco has short stack without a flare, bottom loco has tall flared stack. As I mentioned previously, much minor variety in all that Hess produced.
A pair of what I believe to be the last Hess locomotives manufactured. The poor condition locomotive on left is named “Red Cliff” and has the JLH logo printed on cab. Loco on right has only the JLH logo printed on cab. I have only seen two examples of this loco and was fortunate to obtain both of them. An interesting note about the Red Cliff was that there is a town in Colorado named Red Cliff which the Denver and Rio Grande extended rail lines to in 1881. Whether this had anything to do with Hess naming this loco is pure speculation.
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